Vote! and decide the fate of this blog

May 24, 2007

As many of you know, I will soon be leaving Canada to return to Idaho and begin full-time work as a legal aid staff attorney. I’ve received lots of encouragement and appreciation for this blog, but after the beginning of June, I cannot commit to sustaining it.

One possibility for this blog’s future would be to hand off the reins to a designated successor. A similar option would be to assemble a collective of several authors, including myself, who would all contribute content. Or, of course, I could simply let the blog go dark.

I’d like to get your feedback. I am going to try using the poll below to do it. Please don’t be shy! Click on the statement you most agree with. Your responses will directly determine the future of this blog. Comments are welcome, too.

POLL: What Fate For This Blog?

1. The blog was great for a while, but it need not continue.
2. It would be nice if the blog continued in some way.
3. This blog is very important! You must keep it going!
4. I did not find the blog helpful.

5 Responses to “Vote! and decide the fate of this blog”

  1. Sarah McCoubrey Says:

    Ritchie – the blog has been great. I admit to having no idea what is involved in maintaining. Perhaps if you are looking for a new home for it you could provide an idea of what that would entail.


  2. eppink Says:

    Thank you for the comment, Sarah.

    Rather than about finding a new home, the question for the future of this blog is: “who will provide the content?”

    The blog began to generate discussion and attract a faithful readership once I began posting entries daily. After tomorrow, I can’t commit to doing that. Though Lois Gander will be assuming control of the blog for the short-term, it’s unlikely that she’ll have the time to post daily, either.

    What will probably happen is that the blog will fade away—but this is not the only option. It might be that with some coaxing, we can identify a core group of people who can commit to writing one entry a week. With just five people like that, the blog can continue with daily content.


  3. Pulling together a core group of people to write entries regularly is quite possible, I think — either on an entry a week or on a more intensive but rotating basis. Many of us at CLEO have been following the blog with some interest and, as we look at building a “tools” section of CLEONet, posting the blog on CLEONet may generate further interest and activity from agencies that do PLEI as part of their work but are not sole-purpose PLEI providers.

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  5. Julie-

    I will consider your comment a tentative volunteering of yourself—or someone at CLEO—for the contributors’ collective. :)

    We’ll start serious recruiting soon. (Others can volunteer by emailing or commenting.)


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